Our Story

My name is Temmy Kayode, I am the founder and the CEO of Temmy Collection!

I started sewing from my elementary school back home in Nigeria! Growing up with the passion I have for fashion, I started creating my own designs that are well tailored! Everyone, all around me loved my crafts and, my inspirations and my ideas, is to take African Fashion to the world, and make African attires more accessible to everyone in the world!

I launched my fashion business in 1998, and I have sewn for many celebrities in Africa!

When I moved to the United States, I still found a way to relaunch my fashion business! Currently, my designs are all over major marketplace around the world, like eBay, Etsy, Walmart and Amazon! Our fabrics have been specially selected from the best of African prints!

CRAFRIK COMPANY IS TO EMPOWER people that embrace their culture! Our customers love our handmade designs for both females and male! You will always see the boldness in our design whenever you wear them!

Do you love wearing fashionable African outfits? Made of high quality fabrics with top notch tailoring? Then, CRAFRICK DESIGNS are for you! Our African prints and designs make all our customers connected to their roots!

What was set up as a dream, is now a reality! Black owned businesses tend not to last long in some cases but, we have been in business for many many years now.

Founder and CEO Statement

Temmy Collection, is a black owned company, ready to wear, African clothing line, offering quality, trendy inspired fashion at affordable prices!

I want to be inspirational to someone that they can be more than what their environment has to offer! That’s why I am living by examples!


To help people to communicate & express their culture with what they wear. Our long-term visions is to bring Africa’s textile industry to the world with good quality. Temmy Collection is in partnerships with African fabric and garment manufacturers to develop exclusive prints and clothing. Our goal is to have a real, authentic and lasting influence worldwide by producing African textiles.

Our Fundamental Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Dedication to sustainable growth and improvement
  • To give excellence in simplicity
  • Establish great mindset
  • Generate value within Our community
  • Teamwork and flexibility in communication

Stay positive, display your culture with pride. Temmy Collection helps you celebrate the “African culture” worldwide, stay attached to your roots with our fabrics. THANK YOU